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]po[ Version 4.1

  • Expected Final Release: 8/2014
  • Current Status: Beta Phase

]po[ V4.1 introduces several new packages and improved functionality, but it's main focus is on stability. Also, as the last of it's major version, this release will receive long time support (at least until ]po[ 5.2 has been released).

New Packages

]po[ V4.1 contains several completely new packages:

  • Rule Engine:
    The rule engine allows you to define actions that are executed once a value of a project, a task or any other business object (future) changes or reaches a certain value. For example, a task reaching 100% could trigger a notification email to the project manager. Both conditions and actions are defined using TCL expressions, allowing for full access to the system and integration with external systems.
    This package is only available in the [enterprise edition] of ]project-open[.

  • [CRM Opportunity Tracking]:
    This package maintains a list of opportunities during the qualification and sales cycle (sales pipeline).

  • [Service Contract Invoicing] (experimental):
    This new package introduces the notion of a "service contract" with certain parameters including a monthly fee, a number of free service hours and the price per additional service hour. A (semi-) automatic invoicing functionality allows to process many service contracts in "batch mode".

  • [Mobile Timesheet Logging] (experimental):
    A time sheet logging app for iPhone and Android. This app will be the base for further mobile functionality in the future.


Non-Functional Features

  • New Menus with sub-Menus Performance:
    The main menus tabs on the top of the page now include sub-menu items for frequently used functions. This structure saves an important number of server round-trips and improves overall system agility.

  • Optimizations for 40.000 Users and Customers: We have optimized a number of pages in order to deal with large numbers of customers and customer contacts

New Functionality

  • REST Web-Services Interface
    The intranet-rest package provides a complete REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API.
    The REST interface is used already by several client applications:
    • PO-Timesheet  is a REST Java client implementing timesheet management
    • A Perl REST client is available in /intranet-rest/perl-client-examples/ showing access to ]po[ projects
    • ]po[ partner Winzentis is developing an iPhone App using the REST interface.
    • Neuber Software  is developing an integration of its Visual  TimeAnalyzer  product for ]po[.

Minor Improvement and Bug Fixes

  • A considerable number of bugs have been fixed for this release.
    In particular, the ]po[ team is now using the Helpdesk Package internally for tracking "Report this Error" reports per ]po[ version. This way, more then 120 bugs have been fixed. We hope this will improve the overall robustness and "stability" of the system. .

V3.5 Version History

  • v3_5_0_0_1 "alpha1" (2010-12-06): First V3.5 release.
  • b3-5-0-patches (2010-10-02): Opened up a new branch for maintenance of V3.5 installations.
    HEAD is now used for V4.0 development and may be unstable at times.




We haven't been able to release a number of AJAX development in V4.0 because of license issues related to the AJAX libraries used.
In V4.1 we plan to offer these extension packages using a kind of "App Store". Here is a list of features that we consider:

  • "App Store":
    We plan to setup an online store to allow users to download and install add-on packages provided by the ]po[ core team and other entities. This store will also allow us to integrate packages into ]po[ that are released under incompatible license (GPL V3.0 etc.)
    We plan to include more and more AJAX features in ]po[ during the next versions. We will start with the most frequently used pages and portlets and work towards the rest of the system. However, the total number of  pages (more then 1.000) will not allow us to completely rewrite the system. The AJAX GUI will probably be based on the Sencha  AJAX framework  with the ]po[ REST interface as a backed that tightly integrates with the Ext.data.Store data layer. 
  • SAP FI Import - Master Data Import:
    The SAP FI import allows administrators to quickly import information about project and users from SAP FI using a manual upload process. The basic import is already working. However, we will need to streamline the process in order to provide casual uses with the necessary guidance.
  • Funambol integration:
    Funambol is a SyncML server allowing to sync tasks and contacts between MS-Outlook, iPhone, Android and other SyncML capable PIM applications.
    Currently (2012-02-20), ]po[ includes an experimental sync of tasks with Funambol. We expect that this integration will become mature for ]po[ V4.1 and include support for customers, providers and contacts.
  • TaskJuggler Integration:
    V4.1 will probably include a round-trip integration with TaskJuggler.org to allow for "resource levelling" of projects.­ TaskJuggler  is an enterprise open-source scheduling engine.An experimental version of the TJ integration already exists at the moment (2012-02-20) but is not ready for production use.
  • Project Portfolio Margin Tracker:
    This Sencha AJAX widget shows the development of current project margins vs. baseline values.
  • Project Milestone Tracker:
    This Sencha AJAX widget shows the development project project milestones over time. 
ITSM/ALM Extensions:
  • [Subversion Integration]:
    We plan to integrate with Surversion in order to be able to associate SVN commits with ]po[ tickets and projects and to create SVN configuration files based on ]po[ data.
  • [Mylyn Integration]:
    We plan to integrate the Eclipse Mylyn plugin with ]po[, allowing Eclipse users to consult tasks and log hours in ]po[

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