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]po[ Version

This version mainly contains improvements from a rollout project at EconoMedic adding the following features:

  • OpenOffice Templates - Allow to export financial documents as OpenOffice documents (and using the MS-Word plugin as Word documents)

  • Timesheet controlling and invoicing by "day" - Before, controlling and invoicing was only possible by "hour".

  • Vacation Balance - Determine how many holidays are still available for a user.


These new features resulted in the following changes:

  • Added a new im_hours.days field to capture the number of of days for the logged hours.

  • Enabled the "Unit of Measure" field in the TimesheetTaskNewPage, limiting the options for the user to "Hour" and "Day".

  • Updated the TimesheetTaskListComponent in the ProjectViewPage and the TimesheetTaskListPage to show the right "logged units", depending on the task UoM.

  • Added a conversion function in the TimesheetNewPage to convert hours into days. The conversion function is customizable. Currently the function sums up the number of hours per person and main-project and calculates the equivalent days as hours/10, unless the person has logged more then 10 hours per day. In this case, the divisor ("10") is increased proportionally, so that exactly one day is logged.

  • Enhanced the TimesheetInvoicingWizard to show days if the task UoM is "Day".

  • Vacation Balance:
    Calculate the number of remaining vacation days for an employee. The implementation is based on two new DynFields for employees: vacation_days_per_year determines the number of vacation days per year and vacation_balance_last_year captures additional vacation days from the last year to be added to the yearly vacation days. In many companies these additional additional vacation days from last year expire at some point during the year. In this case, the HR department has to edit the vacation_balance_last_year or add a "dummy" vacation entry for the expired vacation days. The HR department also has to update the vacation balance on the 1st of January of every year.


During the course of the project, we have also fixed the following issues:

  • Logging absences for a 3rd person:
    The functionality was already there, but there is no link in the InvoiceListPage to select the 3rd person.


Other improvements not related to the project:

  • Fixed the TimesheetTaskListComponent to include a checkbox in the header allowing to enable/disable all checkboxes for the component bulk actions.

  • Improved the GanttProject/OpenProj upload screen:
    Adding texts saying that you have to export the OpenProj schedule in Microsoft XML format.

  • OpenProj upload page check for binary "Serena (.pod)" format and a suitable error message. This format is not XML, so that the tDom XML parser returns an error.

  • Issue deleting timesheet tasks:
    The im_timesheet_task__delete(task_id) PL/SQL function returned an error for timesheet tasks imported from GanttProject or OpenProj.

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