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]po[ Version 3.4

Non-Functional Features

  • Installers for Windows and various Linux Flavors:
    With version V3.4, ]po[ fully supports Windows as a production environment. Also, specific installers are now available for RHEL5/CentOS 5, Ubuntu and Debian.

  • New GUI:
    We have completely restructured the GUI based on CSS "skins", replacing the previous table-based layout.

  • New Localization Languages:
    The ]project-open[ GUI is now available translated into Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

  • Context Help & ]po[ Documentation Wiki:
    We have created a documentation Wiki at http://www.project-open.org/documentation/  and added context sensitive help to this wiki for:

    • ­A­ll "Admin" pages - effectively implementing context help for ]po[ configuring.
    • All categories - explaining the meaning of important type and stati of all important object types.
    • All performance indicators - describing the precise meaning of each indicator. 
  • Performance Improvements for large Organizations:
    We have implemented performance optimizations to improve performance for organizations with >1000 users: Caching mechanisms (speedup x3 on a number of frequently used pages), SQL optimizations (speedup x10 on some reports, x2 speedups on other pages) and improved support for parallelization on multi-core processors).
  • Auditing:
    A new generic audit package makes it possible to track modifications to all important business objects in the system, implementing requirements for a number of security and compliance regulations. The package is available as a commercial enterprise add-on and is not part of the main distribution.

New Functionality

  • Helpdesk / ITSM Service Desk:
    The new helpdesk package implements tickets and ticket queues. You can assign Petri-Net Workflows per ticket type.  The helpdesk package is suitable for all business types, even though our default configuration will implement an ITSM Service Desk.
  • ITSM Configuration Management/Database:
    The new "Configuration Database" is capable of maintaining IT and other inventories. A first integration with OCS Inventory NG is available.
  • ITSM Release Management:
    Release management allows company to track changes in their software according to Basel II and SOX regulations.
  • CVS & Host Version Control Integration
    A first integration is available with CVS and Host version management systems. The CVS integration is capable to close tickets in the helpdesk.
  • RFQ/RFA Module:
    This new package allows for generic Request for Quotation, Request for Availability and Reverse Auction type of auctions.

  • Integration of Dynamic Workflow:
    The Petri-Net Workflow was already part of V3.2. In V3.4 we have extended the number of objects to which you can attach a workflow and we provide default workflows for budgets, projects, absences and timesheets.

  • New Key Performance Indicators (KPI):
    KPIs already exist as graphical widgets on top of the data-warehouse. We now are going to add a range of frequently used financial and timesheet indicators. 

  • Dynamic Workflows:
    The ]po[ Petri-Net Workflow was already part of V3.2, including its graphical editor. In V3.4 we have now extended the number of objects to which you can attach a workflow, and this version includes default workflows for budgets, projects, absences and timesheets.

Minor Improvement and Bug Fixes

  • New Reports:
    We have added a number of reports and data-warehouse cubes.

  • Timesheet Invoicing Wizard:
    The improved functionality now supports non-billable materials (type of service) and keeps track of unbilled hours in the current invoicing period and before.

  • Improved Invoicing Screens:
    A new AJAX functionality allows for comfortable changing of invoicing offices and contacts when changing the customer.

  • Financial Documents List Page:
    Pagination on this screen now improves performance. ­

  • 150 bug fixes and minor improvements:
    V3.4 includes more the 150 bug fixes and minor improvements.

V3.4 Version History

  • v3_4_1_0_8 (2009-12): Improvements OpenOffice Templates, Timesheet controlling and invoicing by "day", Vacation Balance
  • v3_4_1_0_7 (2010-09-28): More REST stuff, fixing "Report this Error" issues
  • v3_4_0_8_9 (2010-04-01): First release of the REST interface
  • v3_4_0_8_1: First bug fixes for V3.4
  • v3-4-0-8-0 (2009-11-01): Initial release of V3.4.
  • v3-4-0-8-0 (2009-12-01): Improvements from a large consulting company rollout:
    • Invoices: Integration with Open Office - OOoo documents can now be used as templates.
    • Absences: Added a new GUI now showing a calendar with planned absences, and added absences for groups effectively implementing bank holidays for the entire company of offices.
    • Timesheet tracking/invoicing: Added timesheet tracking per "day" as a Unit of measure, instead of only tracking per "hour". The timesheet includes a configurable converter from hours into days.
  • v3-4-0-8-0 (2010-01-15): Minor bug fixes, before branching to b3-4-0-patches.
  • b3-4-0-patches (2010-01-18): Opened up a new branch for maintenance of V3.4 installations.

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