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Rollout Plan and Tutorial

This rollout plan includes learned lessons and best practices from more than 300 implementations of our enterprise project management system. The structure should also hold for most business software and custom development rollouts.

About ]project-open[

]project-open[ is an "enterprise project management" (EPM) system similar to Microsoft Project Server , Oracle Primavera , Deltek , AtTask OpenAir  and many others. The purpose of these applications is to keep track of the operational and financial aspects of multiple projects (portfolios). Also, these systems tend to structure the communication between project members and stakeholders by means of formal reports and unstructured communication mechanisms including Wikis and discussion forums.

]po[ is typically used to manage:

  • project-based departments as part of a larger enterprise (IT, R&D, product development, internal consulting, marketing, ...) and
  • smaller project- or service-focused companies, where this type of application is also called Professional Services Automation (PSA).

The application is usually considered business-critical and affects between 30 and 3.000 employees per company. This is the reason why the rollout plan focuses on trust- and change-management.

Contact, Questions?

We are happy to talk about our experiences and war stories at conferences or similar events. Please contact us if you have questions or suggestions.


  • Contents
  • Project Overview
  • Schematic Planning
  • ]po[ Implementation Steps­
  • Rollout Objectives Overview
  • Key Terms for a Successful Rollout
  • ]po[ Project Definition
  • ]po[ Implementation and Go-Live
  • ]po[ Operations
  • "Data Hygiene"
  • "Data Hygiene" Intro
  • "Data Hygiene" Maturity Roadmap
  • "Data Hygiene" Feedback Loops
  • Benefits from "Data Hygiene"
  • Detailed Project Phase Description
  • Definition Phase
  • Extensions Phase
  • Installation Phase
  • Training Phase
  • Go-Live Phase
  • After Go-Live
  • ]po[ Implementation Phases
  • Change Management Strategies
  • ]po[ Rollout Options
  • "Vertical" Rollout
  • "Horizontal" Rollout
  • Typical Rollout
  • Two-Week Rapid Rollout
  • End


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