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About Developer Guide

This tutorial will introduce developers step by step into ]po[ development. The tutorial today (2009-06-02) is in its early stages and only the first lessons are available.

The "Notes" package is a real world ]project-open[ package. It allows to associate emails, URLs and other formatted pieces of text to various ]po[ objects.

This tutorial consists of various versions of this Notes functionality, introducing step by step the available infrastructure services of ]po[.

The following lessons are available:

  • Notes 01 - "Hello World": Introduces to the development environment.
  • Notes 02 - "First Page": The ]po[ page and the database API.
  • [Notes 03] - "Page Contracts": Defending against the hostile Internet.
  • [Notes 04] - "Colon Variables": Protection against SQL injection attacks.
  • [Notes 05] - "Templates": Working with ]po[ page templates.
  • [Notes 06] - "Libraries & API-Browser": Reusing and documenting code.
  • [Notes 07] - "Authentication & User Management": Determine who uses the application.
  • [Notes 08] - "ReturnURL": Working with page flows in ]po[.
  • [Notes 09] - "The Package Manager": Creating and managing packages.
  • [Notes 10] - "Categories & Constants": Configuring notes types and stati.
  • [Notes 11] - "Localization": Localizing Notes into different languages.
  • [Notes 12] - "Constraints & Referential Integrity": Keeping the database clean.
  • [Notes 13] - "The Notes Objects": The object-oriented data model and DynFields.
  • [Notes 14] - "Double-Click Protection": Handling frequent user errors (after introducing objects, RI and constraints).
  • Notes 15 - "Hierarchical Queries": Working with hierarchical data types.
  • [Notes 16] - "Permissions": Determine who can read or modify notes.
  • [Notes 17] - "Menus": Integrating Notes into ]po[.
  • Notes 18 - "Portlet Plugins": Showing Notes in the ProjectViewPage.
  • [Notes 19] - "Multirows & the List Builder": Listing objects.
  • [Notes 20] - "ad_form and the Form Builder": Simplifying input forms.
  • [Notes 21] - "DynViews": Create extensible lists.
  • [Notes 22] - "DynFields": Enabling notes for dynamic fields.
  • [Notes 23] - "Full-Text Search": Include notes into the search engine.
  • [Notes 24] - "Reports": Using the reporting engine.

For questions & discussions please go to our SourceForge site -> Open Discussions and include the keyword "NotesXY" in the subject of your discussion.

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