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Setting up AJAX support for Department Planner

­This tutorial provides ]po[ Developers with instructions on how to

  • Add new columns to the ]po[ Department Planner
  • Add AJAX support which allows client-side calculation of resource consumption for each department based on a criteria other than "Project Priority"

In following set up we want to add an additional criteria 'Operational Project Priority' to our ]po[ Department Planner. AJAX support allows the re-sorting of the table based on this new criteria.
This allows the user to compare different scenarios for resource consumption across a portfolio of projects.

System Requirements 

  • ­­Most recent version of ]project-open[ installed on OpenACS version 5.5 (or greater).

Step 1:  Create a new ']po[ Dynamic Field' for the object type 'PROJECT'

Go to http://[YOUR_SERVER]//intranet-dynfield/object-type?object_type=im_project and create a new field 'project_priority_op_id'

Step 2:  Create a new 'Intranet Dynview Type'

Go to http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/categories/index?select_category_type=Intranet+DynView+Type and add a new sub-category 'Ajax' 

Step 3: Create new 'View' and its respective colums

Create View 'portfolio_department_planner_list_ajax'

You can create this view using the Admin interface at http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/views/ or use the following script:

insert into im_views (view_id, view_name, visible_for, view_type_id)
values ([NEXT_AVAILABLE_VIEW_ID], 'portfolio_department_planner_list_ajax', 'view_users', [SUB_CATEGORY_AJAX]);
Note: Replace [NEXT_AVAILABLE_VIEW_ID] and [SUB_CATEGORY_AJAX] with their respective values.

Create columns 'portfolio_department_planner_list_ajax'

Go to http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/views/, and click on the newly created view to add the following columns a) Priority b) Priority (op) c) Project Name Set attributes accordingly:

Views of type 'AJAX' require additional formatting information:
dropdown project_priority_op_id { [im_category_get_key_value_list "Intranet Department Planner Project Priority"] } 1 1
Parameter for AJAX columns are defined as follows:
1. Parameter: Type ('dropdown' || 'link' || 'hidden')
2. Parameter: Source -> column name
3. Parameter: In case of a dropdown list a key/value list of options
4. Parameter: Sortable (1/0)
4. Parameter: Resizeable (1/0)
­Following a sample script:
insert into im_view_columns (column_id, view_id, group_id, column_name, column_render_tcl,
extra_select, extra_where, sort_order, visible_for, ajax_configuration) values ([COLUMN_ID],[VIEW_ID],NULL,'Priority',
'[im_category_from_id $project_priority_op_id]','','',5,'', 'dropdown project_priority_op_id { [im_category_get_key_value_list "Intranet Department Planner Project Priority"] } 1 1');

­Note: Replace [COLUMN_ID] and [VIEW_ID] with their respective values.

Step 4: Access your ]po[ AJAX Department Planner

You should be now able to access you new AJAX supported ]po[ Department Planner going to

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