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TR Use and set up of the ]po[ Customer Portal

In­stallation and configuration

See detailed instructions at  http://www.project-open.org/documentation/install_customer_portal 


Portlet: Financial Documents

In order to view and access ]project-open[ Financial Documents as a customer, the user needs to be registered
either as "Key Account" or the "Invoicing Contact" in the customer record.


Step 1:

  • Client sends RFQ
  • System creates for each RFQ a project. If a RFQ contains more than one file, a main project is created and for each document transmitted a sub projects is created underneath it.
  • All PM's receive a notification in their WF Inbox, no email notifications are send out during this step to avoid "spaming" of PM 

Step 2:

  • PM opens Workflow Panel from Workflow Inbox and reviews the project details
  • PM sets project type of the project and creates folder structure using the Admin link in the left sidebar
  • PM creates WF tasks and quotes. In case more than one document has been transmitted, a quote needs to be created for each document/sub project.
    In a second step a quote needs to be created in the main project. This quote is an accumulation of all quotes created in sub projects. It can be easily created by using the link "Create Quote from Quote".
    Only Quotes with status 'created' will be considered in the RFQ Portal. In order to create a Quote you don't want to make available to the client yet, set its status to other than 'created'.
  • Once the Quote has been created,  PM confirms creation in Workflow Panel.     
  • A notification will be send to the customer. 

Step 3:

  • The customer accepts or rejects the quote from the RFQ Paenl on his HOME page
  • A notification is send out to the PM


Outlook for V1.1


  • Send additional notification to user, confirming again all positions of the quote


The package could offer in future versions three portal pages:

  • Single page that accepts input from existing and new customers
  • Page for new customers
  • Page for existing customers

These portals can be included using an "iframe" in any web page. 


Testing "Alpha" version

To fix for V1.0:

  •  Quote is already visible for client, even though PM has not yet marked WF Tasks as 'done'
  • Verify if RFQ date is shown correct in RFQ plugin
  • Check if user can cancel RFQ fixed
  • Check if user can reject quote ok (05. Sept. 2011)

Fix/include in  V1.1: 

  • Add column "Customer" in RFQ Portlet for PM's 
  • Allow customer to delete single files he already uploaded
  • Portlet shows "FakePath" in File-Upload text box 
  • RFQ Plugin conatins an empty row
  • Disallow entry for target language from keyboard
  • Space btw. icons accept/reject, add 'mouse over comments'

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