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Timesheet Configuration

 General Settings

  • How many days is an employee available for projects per year in average?
  • Conversion factor to calculate the number of days per project in organizations that track and bill time based on days. The default is 8.0.

Restricted Logging

  • Number of hours that should be logged in NumDays
  • Number of days to check for redirection to the TS Calendar in case no hours have been logged
  • Is it allowed to log hours on main projects without children
  • Should a the comment for a time sheet entry be mandatory?
  • Should an Employee be able to edit his or her hours of the last month?
  • Should be be permissive about letting users log their hours? "permissive" means that we allow Employees to log their hours basically on every project in the system. "restrictive" means that users can only log to projects (and the project's Tasks) if they are a member of the project.
  • Redirect the user from the Home page to the timesheet if there are not enough hours logged?
  • Maximum number of hours a user may log to a single day
  • What are the days of the week for which we want to log hours in the weekly view? Default is '0 1 2 3 4 5 6' for all 7 days per week
  • Should we enable an 'internal' comment, as opposed to an 'external' comment that is visible for a customer. This internal comment allows users to hide internal comments about the customer or the billing process from the customer
  • Is it allowed to log hours on main projects, even though they have sub-projects or tasks?
  • Redirect the user from the project pages to the timesheet if there are not enough hours logged?
  • Does an employee need to be a member of a subproject in order to log hours? Option 'main_project': It's sufficient for the employee to be member of the main project in order to log hours on all subprojects. That's comfortable, but permissive, and the list of tasks may get long. Option 'sub_project': The employee needs to be a member of the subprojects in order to see the subproject's tasks. Option 'task': The employee needs to be assigned expressively to each task in order to log his hours. May incur a considerable admin overhead to assign all employees to all tasksç
  • Are users allowed to log hours on potential projects?
  • Should we limit the number of days(!) to 1.0, that one user can log on a single main-project?

Integration with ]po[ Finance Modules 

  • Interval for the hours costs synchronizer to between checks if new im_hours items have been generated to be synchronized. .
  • Create cost items for every timesheet hour in general?
  • Schedule creation of cost items for logged hours (immediately/delayed)
  • Should the user specify the Material for every hour logged? 


  • Sort order the timesheet tasks
  • Provide option to fork to different than default page when registering absences.
  • Set first day of week in timesheet monthly view.
  • Background color for weekends in weekly report?
  • Complete first and last row in calendar with days of previous/next month.

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