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PM: Mail integration

This RFE has been completed

Please see: Mail Management Tutorial


  • User should get access to emails related to a particular project through the ]po[ user interface
  • emails and their attachements should be searchable 

GUI Implementation

  • New portlet on "Project Home" that lists all emails assigned to the particular project

screenshot_project_home_mail_component ­

  • Each email is linked to an overlay showing the text of the email and the attachments


  • In the same way a Portlet is added to the Company Home (http://[SERVERNAME]/intranet/companies/view?company_id=[ID]) listing all mails assigned to a company.

List View


Mails can be accessed and managed using the "List View". Filter options are provided as seen on screenshot below. This view provides functionality to manually assign mails to projects and/or customers where an automatic assign had not been done due to ambiguous criterias.




Technical implementation­

  • Emails are stored in text format in the file system
  • Assignments:
    a) Incoming email: If sender email matches an existing user email which is explicitly assigned to one company, an automatic assignment is done.
    b) Incoming email: If email subject contains a valid Project ID, email is automatically assigned to project and to the customer related to it.
    c) Outgoing email: All outgoing emails are assigned to the user sending this email
    d) Outgoing email: If outgoing email contains valid Project ID in subject line, email is assigned to project and to the customer related to it. 

Implementation Options

  • Outlook Plugin:
    Viewing a particular mail user gets a drop-down list with all currently open projects she is a member of. An list of all currently open projects can be received through ]po['s RESTful  interface.
    By choosing a project the email automatically gets send out to the ]po[ email account. The Plugin adds the Project Number to the Subject line.      

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