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HR Project Staffing

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Project staffing ensures that the right people will be assigned to the right projects.


Process Activities


  • Determine Resource Needs:
    Based on a project plan from project planning determine the needs for certain types of resources.

  • Match Skills:
    Determine the resources for your project that best match your project's requirement.
    ]po[ supports this process by means of the freelance/skill package. In particular, this package provides project managers with a comparison between skills, track record and resource price, allowing for informed assignment or purchasing decisions.

  • Check Availability:
    Determine whether the desired resources are available during the course of the project.
    ]po[ supports this project by means of the Resource Planning Report from [resource planning] for internal resources and the Freelance RFQ package for dealing with external resources.

  • Ensure balanced Resource Allocation:
    Check of over- and under-utilization of resources using the tools from [resource management].

  • Ensure Employee Motivation:
    Consulting companies frequently have the problem to keep their consultants motivated by assigning them to "interesting" or prestigious projects. Such companies need to avoid at all cost to assign the same consultant to two less challenging  projects in a row. To avoid this situation, ]po[ provides an assignment history for each user, so that HR staff can judge the situation.

Process Input


  • A list of resources
  • A list of projects that need to be staffed
  • A classification of the resources with respect to a number of skill types. 
  • A history of past staffing decisions.


Process Output


  • Successfull staffing decisions
  • Information on resource's staffing history that can serve as input to the next staffing decisions.


Process Support by ]po[

 The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:


  • Feelance Management (Skills) defines a taxonomy of skill types for users
  • core package defines project and assignment of users to projects and provides the project and user objects, and the relationship between them.
  • freelance package provides skill types and skill classification of users. It also provides algorithms for matching skill needs with available skills.
  • freelance RFQ package extends the freelance package by with RFQ (Request for Quotation) procedures, allowing to request availability and possibly prices from a large number of candidates via a Web interface.


Process Performance Indicators

  • Overall resource utilization
  • New projects per month
  • Headcount
  • Sick days per month
  • Active PMs
  • Average number of open projects per PM

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