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HR Absence Management


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Absence Management refers to the process of managing absences. 

Process Variants

  • Simple Absence Management:
    Employees use absences as a simple absence table. There is no formal approval process. Employees just enter absences into the database.
  • Absence Management with Approval:
    A formalized workflow process controls the approval of absences.

Timesheet Entry Variants:

  • Absences Replace Timesheet Hours:
    Once a user has registered an absence for a specific day, he doesn't need to log hours for this day. Instead, the "duration_days" of the absence are multiplied with the parameter TimesheetHoursPerAbsence are used to calculate weekly timesheet times.
  • Absences as Absence Requests:
    In this variant the parameter TimesheetHoursPerAbsence is set to "0". In addition to logging an absence, users need to log hours on an "absence project" representing the various types of absences. Absence projects have to be set up manually, usually starting the 1st of January of every year until the 31st of December of the same year.

Other uses:

  • Bank Holiday Calendar:
    By defining "Bank Holiday" absences per user group it is possible to define workable time for groups of users. This variant can be used in addition with any of the above variants.

Process Activities

  • An employee enters an absence or applies for an absence 
  • Optionally: A supervisor reviews the absence request and confirms or rejects the request  

Process Input

  • Manual input of the absence data by an Employee

Process Output

  • Accepted or rejected absences or absence requests.
  • Reports allow for the analysis of absences per user / cost center / etc.
  • Timesheet Management: Approved absences multiplied with the parameter TimesheetHoursPerAbsence are taken as replacement for logged hours.
  • [Resource Management]: Approved absences are deducted from the available time of a resource.
  • [Bonus Calculation]: Approved absences may influence the bonus paid to employees.

Process Support by ]po[

The following ]po[ packages provide support for this process:



Intranet Timesheet2

  • AbsenceNewPageWfDeleteButtonPerm
    The name o­f the procedure that should return "1" if the "Delete" button of the AbsenceViewPage should be available. The procedure should accept a single "-absence_id" parameter.
  • AbsenceNewPageWfEditButtonPerm
    The name of the procedure that should return "1" if the "Edit" button of the AbsenceViewPage should be available. The procedure should accept a single "-absence_id" parameter.
  • TimesheetHoursPerAbsence
    Specifies the equivalent hours of a day of absences. 8 by default.


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