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Exchange Rates Admin Page

The ]project-open[ financial system is built to accommodate a wide range of international currencies, the introduction of new ones, and data-entry for billing/invoicing in diverse currency formats, with automatic equivalencies to the system's target locale currency. 


This Exchange Rates page shows several elements relevant to working with multiple exchange rates:

  • The list of currently active exchange rates.
  • An integration with the ]po[ exchange rates server that allows you to automatically update your exchange rates.
  • Editing options that allow you to manually modify exchange rates.
  • A "Manage Active Currencies" section that allows you to choose the currencies active in your company.


Please Note:

  • To set the default currency of the system go to the parameters page page -> intranet-cost and modify the  parameter DefaultCurrency.
  • The 'US Dollar' currency is required and can't be modified.  The value of the US Dollar should always be '1.0', because it is the reference currency, and therefore internally every currency is described relative to the US Dollar.


Add a New Active Currency



From the Exchange Rate Home Page, look to the left hand side Navigation Bar and under "Admin Links" click on "Manage Active Currencies".  You will be shown a list of all the current active currencies on the system i.e. currencies that will appear as options when users are asked to input fiscal data.  From this menu you can remove currencies from the active list, or using the drop down menu to the right you can choose to add another currency to list.   


Update Exchange Rates

Exchange rate

To make sure the exchange rates stored on ]project-open[ reflect the current global exchange market it is necessary to update them.  This action is simple, and only requires a click on "Get Exchange Rates" button.  While that is the only technical issue involved, due to the sensitivity and volatility of this financial information, the first question to arise otherwise is Who to trust for the most reliable and up to date information?  Currently, ]project-open[ connects to X-Rates   a free and public web-site for currency trading information.  For any business not wishing to rely on this service, we can either be contacted for other solutions, or you can delve into the source code and manually update the internal exchange rates by hand. 

The history of the exchange rate fluctuation as recorded on ]project-open[ is listed on the Exchange Rate homepage so that any discrepancies can be tracked. 


Adding New Currencies

This page currently does not support adding new currencies.

In order to add a new currency please use the PostgreSQL pgAdminIII SQL manager and edit the table "currency_codes".



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