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]po[ ITSM Bug Tracker

SLA Management (ITSM/ITIL) Help Desk/ Service Desk Configuration Manageent (ITSM/ITIL) Release Management (ITSM/ITIL) Customer Portal Change Management (ITSM/ITIL) Problem Management (ITSM/ITIL) Incident Management (ITSM/ITIL) ITSM Module

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The ]po[ Bug Tracker is a fully fledged open-source & web-based bug tracker.

Track issues and feature requests in a decentralized environment (customers, developers, project managers, ...).

Software developers can report and filter issues according to product line, priority, severity, version and assignment properties. Developers can discuss issues in forums, share files, use a Wiki for Knowledge Management and access information via a Full-Text Search Engine.

Billing & Timesheet

The billing depart can automatically create customer invoices, based on the developer's timesheet information, the customer's price list and the type of contract.


Detailed reporting and business intelligence (data-warehouse) is available to analyze incident properties and lifecycle. For example, you can determine your customer service level or calculate the average cost per incident type.


Integrated Project and Financial Management

The ]po[ Bug Tracker not just a bug tracker, but contains about 50 additional modules ranging from content & collaboration such as Full-Text Search, Wiki, Forums, Filestorage to Project Management with Gantt Charts, Budget Planning and even "hard" financials functionality such as Project Controlling, Profit & Loss and export interfaces to accouting packages such as QuickBooks, SAP, etc.

Other Enterprise-Class Feature

Unlike other open-source based systems, ]po[ integrates several enterprise-class features such as a Petri-Net based Dynamic Workflow, role-based application security and LDAP single sign-on (SSO). Enterprise integration and SOA is supported via interfaces including XML-RPC, SOAP and ODBC.

Open-Source & Licensing

The ]po[ Bug Tracker and most other ]po[ modules are licensed under the GPL V2.
However, due to the interest of larger companies we have developed several "extension modules" that cover particular needs, such as interfaces to accounting systems, GAAP/IAS auditing capabilities (2007Q1), Reporting, One-Time-Password security, etc. These "extension modules" are closed-source software and licensed, maintained and installed separately from the open-source based main system.

Built on Open-Source Components

The ]po[ Bug Tracker is built on open-source components such as the PostgreSQL database, AOLServer and the OpenACS online community. Supported operating systems include most Linux variants (default platform) and Windows (Win2k, WinXP, Win2k3, ...). However, we have also reports from customers running ]po[ on Solaris, Mac OS-X and BSD.

Designed for Service Organizations

The ]po[ Bug Tracker and most other ]po[ packages have been designed from scratch for the needs for small and medium service organizations (2 - 200 members), representing either SMEs (small and medium enterprises) or service departments of larger companies.




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