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OpenACS User

The "user" object type represents persons with the right to login to the ]po[ application. 

User Attributes

  • User ID:
    ID of the user object, referencing acs_objects.
  • Authority ID:
    ID of a [authentication authory] managing this user.
  • Username:
    System name of the user. Typically identical to the Windows or Linux user ID.
  • Screen Name:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Priv Name:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Priv Email:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Email Verified?
    Used by OpenACS as part of the registration process.
  • Email Bouncing?
    Does the email bounce? Not used by ]po[.
  • No Alerts Until:
    Option to disable alerts. Not used by ]po[.
  • Last Visit:
    When did the user log in the last time?
  • Second to last visit:
    When did the user log in before the last time?
  • N-Sessions:
    How many times did the user login to the system?
  • Password:
    SHA-1 hash of the user's salt + password
  • Salt:
    A random string used as part of Password.
  • Password Question:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Password Answer:
    Not used in ]po[.
  • Password Changed Date:
    When did the user change the password for the last time?
  • Auth Token:
    Cryptographic authentication token for the user.
  • Skin ID:
    Reference to a ]po[ category representing the list of available GUI skins.


Structure of the users database table:

 user_id               | integer                  | not null
 authority_id          | integer                  |
 username              | character varying(100)   | not null
 screen_name           | character varying(100)   |
 priv_name             | integer                  | not null default 0
 priv_email            | integer                  | not null default 5
 email_verified_p      | boolean                  | default true
 email_bouncing_p      | boolean                  | not null default false
 no_alerts_until       | timestamp with time zone |
 last_visit            | timestamp with time zone |
 second_to_last_visit  | timestamp with time zone |
 n_sessions            | integer                  | not null default 1
 password              | character(40)            |
 salt                  | character(40)            |
 password_question     | character varying(1000)  |
 password_answer       | character varying(1000)  |
 password_changed_date | timestamp with time zone |
 auth_token            | character varying(100)   |
 skin                  | integer                  | not null default 0
 skin_id               | integer                  |




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