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]po[ Financial Document

Financial documents (formally called "Invoices") represent documents exchanged between companies during a business relationship.

Types of Financial Documents

Financial Documents towards customers:

  • Customer Invoice ("Invoice"):
    An invoice sent to a customer. In ]project-open[ the term "Invoice" always refers to invoices sent to a customer.

  • Customer Quote ("Quote"):
    A quotations or project proposal sent to a customer.

  • Delivery Note:
    A notification to the customer that (part of) a project has been finished. Some companies send out delivery notes for customer approval before sending an invoice.

  • Inter-Company Invoice:
    Like an invoice, but kept separately. InterCo invoices represent financial document exchanged between companies of the same group. Keeping InterCo invoices separate from normal invoices allows to report the group's external revenues in one variant of the ]project-open[ multi-company configuration where ]po[ server represents the entire group.

  • Inter-Company Quote:
    Same as a normal quote in an InterCo context.
Financial Documents towards providers:
  • Provider Bill ("Bill"):
    Represents an invoice received from a provider. In ]project-open[ the term "Bill" always refers to invoices from a provider.

  • Purchase Order ("PO"):
    A financial document sent to a provider to confirm the intention to purchase a service.

Creating Financial Documents

]po[ offers several different ways to create financial documents:

  • From Scratch:
    You can create financial documents manually "from scratch".

  • From Timesheet Tasks:
    The [timesheet invoicing package] provides a wizard that is capable of creating financial documents (invoices and quotes) based on a project schedule.

  • From Translation Tasks:
    The translation invoicing package provides a wizard that is capable of creating financial documents (invoices and quotes) based on a translation project, based on an analyis from a CAT tool.

Financial Document Fields


  • Invoice Number:
    Numeral identifier of the invoice for tracking and correspondence purpose between clients and providers.  ]project-open[ will    automatically generate an invoice number upon invoice creation, but this data field can be edited by the user as they please. 
  • Invoice Date:
    Issue/Creation date of the invoice.
  • Cost Center:
    Is is possible to associate financial documents to specific cost or profit centers in the company, allowing for profit center profitability analysis. Also, the cost center permission package allows to define read/write permissions per user group and cost center, allowing to separate profit centers.

  • Effective Date:
    "Official" accounting date of the financial document. This date can be different from the creation date.

  • Payment Terms:
    Determines the due data of the financial document, as an offset number of days from Effective Date.

  • Payment Method:
    Specifies the way the financial document should be paid. Payment methods are defined as [categories] and normally shown as part of the [template].

  • Invoice Template:
    Specifies the [layout template] to be used for formatting the financial document. The list of templates is defined using a category.

  • Invoice Type:
    Type of financial document such as "Invoice", "Quote" or "Purchase Order". The list of document types is defined as a category.

  • Invoice Status:
    Live cycle status of the financial document, defined in a category.


Related Object Types

Related Packages

  • [intranet-invoices (financial documents)] 
  • intranet-cost financial core package
  • [intranet-timesheet-invoices (timesheet wizard for financial documents)]
  • [intranet-trans-invoices (translation wizard for financial documents)]

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