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]po[ Hour

A "timesheet hour" represents the work done by an employee at a certain project. Actually, timesheet hours are not a real ]project-open[ objects because they does not reference the acs_objects table and don't support services such as permissions. 

Fields of the im_hours Table:

  • User (user_id:integer references users):
    The user who has logged some hours.
  • Project (project_id:integer references im_projects):
    The project or timesheet task on which the hours have been logged.
  • Day (day:timestamptz):
    The day when the hours have been logged.
  • Hours (hours:numeric)
    The number of hours logged
  • Billing Rate (billing_rate:numeric):
    Not used currently. May be deleted in one of the next versions.
  • Billing Currency (billing_currency:char(3)):
    Not used currently. May be deleted in one of the next versions.
  • Note (note:text):
    Comment on what has been done during the time logged.
  • Timesheet Task2 (timesheet_task2_id:integer)
    Not used currently. May be deleted in one of the next versions. 
  • Confirmation Object (conf_object_id:integer references im_timesheet_conf_objects):
    A reference to a confirmation object. This conf objects represents a confirmation request, when a user clicks on the button "submit hours for configuration" in the timesheet GUI. The confirmation object contains a conf_status_id that can be Requested, Active or Rejected. This way you can distinguish between confirmed timesheet hours and unconfirmed hours.
  • Timesheet Cost (cost_id:integer references im_costs):
    Reference to the cost item with the financial impact of the logged hours.
    When logging hours, ]po[ will automatically create a financial item of type "Timesheet Costs" to represent the cost of hours. The amount of the timesheet cost item is calculated as number of hours x hourly cost (im_employees.hourly_cost of the user logging the hours).
  • Timesheet Invoice (invoice_id:integer references im_costs):
    Link to a Timesheet Invoice containing the logged hour. This way we can keep track of non-billed hours delivered to a customer. Please see the Timesheet Invoices for detailes on Timesheet billing.
  • Material (material_id:integer references im_materials):
    ]po[ allows to specify the material (type of service) when logging hours. This way, a user logging hours can differentiate between the type of services delivering. You need to enable the parameter [HourLoggingWithMaterialsP] in order to use this feature. In that case. ]po[ will show a drop down field with materials for every hour logged.
  • Internal Note (internal_note:text):
    Allows a user to differentiate between "internal" and "external" comments about what the user has done if the parameter [HourLoggingInternalCommentP] is enabled. The "internal" comment is used if the external comment will be presented directly to a customer.




Structure of the im_hours database table:


create table im_hours (
        user_id                 integer
                                constraint im_hours_user_id_nn
                                not null
                                constraint im_hours_user_id_fk
                                references users,
        project_id              integer
                                constraint im_hours_project_id_nn
                                not null
                                constraint im_hours_project_id_fk
                                references im_projects,
        day                     timestamptz,
        hours                   numeric(5,2) not null,
        cost_id                 integer
                                constraint im_hours_cost_fk
                                references im_costs,
        conf_object_id          integer
                                constraint im_hours_conf_object_fk
                                references im_timesheet_conf_objects
        invoice_id              integer
                                constraint im_hours_invoice_fk
                                references im_costs,
        material_id             integer
                                constraint im_hours_material_fk
                                references im_materials,
                                -- ArsDigita/ACS billing system - log prices with hours
        billing_rate            numeric(7,2),
        billing_currency        char(3)
                                constraint im_hours_billing_currency_fk
                                references currency_codes(iso),
        note                    text,
        internal_note           text


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