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ACS Event

ACS Event is the super-type of [calendar items]. It doesn't have any direct use in ]project-open[.


Data Model

create table acs_events (
    event_id            integer
                        constraint acs_events_fk references acs_objects(object_id) on delete cascade
                        constraint acs_events_pk primary key,
    name                varchar(255),
    description         text,
    -- is the event description written in html?
    html_p              boolean,
    status_summary      varchar(255),
    -- The following three columns encapsulate the remaining attributes of an Event:
    -- the activity that takes place during the event, its timespan (a collection of time
    -- intervals during which the event occurs), and an optional recurrence specification
    -- that identifies how events repeat in time.
    activity_id         integer
                        constraint acs_events_activity_id_fk
                        references acs_activities on delete set null,
    -- Can't reference timespans since it doesn't have a primary key
    -- When referencing, need to call timespan.exists_p in case timespan
    -- was deleted out from under event.
    timespan_id         integer,
    recurrence_id       integer
                        constraint acs_events_recurrence_id_fk
                        references recurrences,
    -- a link which points to a page related to the event
    -- this could be either additional detail or a substitution
    -- a link which points to a page related to the event
    -- this could be either additional detail or a substitution
    -- for the link in some application view, e.g. drill-down from
    -- calendar.
    related_link_url    text,
    related_link_text   text,
    -- Interpretation of this column is application dependent, but it is
    -- suggested that if this is 't', then related_link_{url|text} should be
    -- used as the link in summary views in an application.  Otherwise,
    -- related_link_{url|text} should be available in a detail view
    -- of the event.
    redirect_to_rel_link_p  boolean

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