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  • Outlook ]po[ 5.0 - Gantt and Resource Leveling Editors, License Change, Collaboration
    We propose several changes for the upcoming major release of ]project-open[. Checkout Frank's post on Sourceforge to get more information. more...
  • ]project-open[ V4.0 with MS-Project Integration
    The new 4.0 version of ]po[ is available for Windows and Linux and contains 15 new modules that focus particularly on collaboration and project management. The most important new feature is a Microsoft Project integration that allows both the import and the export of project plans to and from MS Project, giving project managers the flexibilty of using MS Project for the planning of individual projects. more...
  • ]po[ V4. "Beta 3" Released
    The next Beta version of ]po[ V4.0 is available. This release includes an Upgrade Installer, a Microsoft Windows Installer and a CentOS Linux VMware. more...
  • New ]po[ V4.0 Demo Servers available
    To get a first glance at ]po[ 4.0 (Alpha) we have provided a new Demo Server. We will periodically update this demo server with the newest patches from CVS. There will be several other demo servers available that we will configure over time. more...
  • PMO Team chooses SCRUM approach
    On their way to a first release of a PMO edition of ]po[, the Team in Heidelberg provides frequent status reports in their company blog. (in GER, please use a translation tool such as 'Google Translate'). more...
  • ]po[ Project Managemt Office (PMO) Support
    With a now stable Beta version of a MS Project Import/Export and a newly available Resource Planning Report, ]po[ is the first Open Source alternative to run PMOs in larger Organisations that require tool support for multi-project management and resource leveling. A team lead by our German Partner 'Pentamino' is currently working on a preconfigured version of ]po[ which will be particually tailored to suit the needs of PMO Managers. For additional information please contact us or inquire directly with our Partner Pentamino in Heidelberg (www.pentamino.de). more...
  • First version of MS Project Roundtrip available
    A first MS-Project round-trip integration is available in CVS HEAD as part of ]po[ V4.0. For additional features already available in V4.0 pls. see our roadmp: http://www.project-open.org/documentation/project_open_roadmap#v40 more...
  • Crowd funding for customer portal started
    We are happy anounce that the crowd funding initiative for a Customer Portal has received its first bid already. More information can be found at http://www.cofundos.org/project.php?id=211#offers more...
  • ]po[ Time Sheet Logging iPhone App by WIZENTIS
    Our french partner WIZENTIS offers an iPhone application for timesheet logging. The beta version of this app is available for free from the Apple ITunes store. more...
  • Version 4.0 (Alpha) released
    The ]po[ team is proud to announce that the very first version of ]project-open[ V4.0 is available in the CVS repository "HEAD". So can now "upgrade" your code to V4.0 by issuing "cvs update -PdA" in your /packages/ directory. Please note that considerable OpenACS/]project-open[ Admin/Developer knowledge is required to get this version to work. more...
  • Developer only: Track hours using a ]project-open[ Time Sheet Desktop Application
    We are happy to anounce the availability of a desktop application that allows users to log hours in a fast and convenient way without the need to open a browser. The application can be launched from the system tray and allows a registered user to log hours to projects and project tasks. more...
  • New Workflow tutorial available
    For those of you interested ]po[ workflow capabilities, new tutorialis are available within ]po['s Online Ducumentation. Take a look at the step-by-step introduction that is based on a real-world example and find out how ]po[ can be extended to support recurring business processes such as "Vacation Approval", "Expense Approval", etc.  more...
  • New feature: Capacity Planning
    This feature is part of ]po['s Absence Management and allows you assigning resources to projects for the upcoming months under consideration of current absences. It's right now in BETA stage and not remommended for production use yet, but it's already installed on our demo server. Login as Ben Bigboss and check the new admin link "Capacity Planning". more...
  • ]po[ will participate in CeBITs Open Source Forum
    LINUX Media AG invited ]po[ to participate in this years Open Source Forum at the worlds leading IT trade fair CeBIT. We are looking forward to meeting you in Hall 2, Stand 38 from from 2-6 March 2010 in in Hannover, Germany. more...
  • ]po[ RESTful API (beta) available for download
    The ]po[ INTRANET-REST package implements a Web-Service that exposes most of the ]project-open[ system to external applications that need to read and write ]po[ objects. Now 3rd party applications can integrate conveniently with a ]project-open[ backend application. External applications are allowed to Create, Read, Update and List important ]po[ objects. more...
  • ]project-open[ V3.4. Released
    Release of V3.4 finally took place last week. Thanks for all the positive feedback we have gotten. Almost 400 downloads of our new Windows installer during the first 5 days can be regarded as a great success. Thanks to all who have been participated in this endeavor, in particular to Maurizio who did a great job creating the new installer. more...
  • ]project-open[ V3.4. Release
    We expect to be able to deliver a valid set of installers some time this week. more...
  • ]project-open[ V3.4.0.6.alpha1 Release
    The first V3.4 VMware installer "project-open-VMware-" is available for download at sourceforge. We have created the VMware appliance using a Linux VMware Server 2.0 and we've tested it on Windows using VMware player 2.5.2, so everything should basically be working OK. Please note that this is not the final V3.4 release, which is scheduled for end of September 2009. more...
  • Free Qabiria Toolbar for Language Industry Professionals
    Qabiria, a ]project-open[ partner and an expert in consulting,translation and training for translation industry offers a free browser toolbar. The toolbar, available for IE & Firefox, gathers in one place many search features, RSS feeds, useful tools and links for language industry professionals. It further includes direct links to all ]project-open[ resources. more...
  • ]po[ User Group found its first home at LinkedIn
    The groups aim is to facilitate the exchange of experiences between ]project-open[ users and ]project-open[ Core Developers and to learn how to get the best out of a ]project-open[ installation. While our forum at sourcforge.net remains the platform for technical topics, the User Group at LinkedIn is targeted to all end users and partners of ]po[. Sign up, share your experiences and have your voice heard when it comes to the future of ]project-open[. more...

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