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TR - Translation

The Translation module consists of several application packages written for the special needs of translation agencies, with each application package addressing a specific i­nteraction of the commercial translation process.


  • Translation Workflow
    An Internet translation workflow that replaces email communication between translators, editors and freelancers.
  • [Trados Integration]
    Integration with Trados 5.0, 6.0,6.5 and 7.0 in order to import wordcounts. These imported wordcounts are used in the Translation Worfkflow to calculate a translators workload and in Translation Invoicing to create invoices. Other Translation Memories can be supported when required.
  • Internet Filestorage
    Allows access to all project files according to the users access permissions
  • Freelance Skill Database
    A database of freelancers and their skills. This database is integrated into the project management module in order to assign freelancers to projects, according to their skills.
  • Translation Quality
    Allows the evaluation of translation results from freelancers and supplier companies using modified Lisa Quality Sheets.
  • Translation Purchase Orders
    Is a package that automatically sends freelancers purchase orders for the projects they have been assigned to.
  • Translation Quality
    Allows the semiautomatic creation of invoices to customers. The module supports multilingual invoice templates and allows to invoice several projects in a single document.
  • Translation Marketplace:
    Allows you to "invite" freelancers and providers to take part in a project, replacing the usual telephone inquiries. The invited providers can confirm their availablity by Internet, saving a large part of project managers usual tasks. The invitation functionality uses the information of the Freelance Skill Database to select only appropriate resources.


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