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HR - Human Resources


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The ]project-open[ ­Human Resource Management (HR) module combines a range of HR related services for internal company employees and associated freelancers.  The HR module has been developed with two conceptual paradigms;


  1. The importance of physical presence and location is diminished with the ubiquity of the Internet, therefore the HR module goes for a more "virtual" approach to the coordination of project team interactions. 
  2. Employees (and freelancers) should be in charge of managing HR processes themselves, wherever possible, leading to reduced administration costs and increased service.


Employee Self Service Paradigm

Means that employees (and freelancers) should get in charge of managing HR processes themselves whenever possible, leading to reduced administration costs and increased service.

Extended Company Paradigm

The availab­ility of the Internet reduces the importance of location and physical presence. As a result "virtual teams" emerge with members from different corporate offices or even freelancers and offshore participants. This virtualization requires external talent to work together with the employees and customer staff.


Employee Data Management and Storage

The main structure that ]project-open[ uses to house and bring together all relevant employee data is the Unified Employee File, which centrally locates the most basic information on one page.




  • Contact information
  • Photo
  • Payroll Information
  • Current timezone and office location

Access to this, and all other information requires a number of "privileges" which can be flexibly assigned to employees and employee groups to safeguard the privacy and security of employee data.  ­Additionally, there is special "public" information that allows an employee to present himself to the public. This public information is indexed by the ]po[ search engine.  The Unified Employee File also captures information relevant to this employee's business involvement and abilities.




  • Employee Skills 
  • Files associated to this employee
  • List of Client/Provider Companies this employee is associated with
  • List of Office Locations this employee is associated with 
  • List of Projects this employee is associated with, including past projects the employee has worked on, all ordered chronologically.
  • ­

More advanced relationships about knowledge and information can also be tracked in their relation to this employee.



  • User Wiki
  • Forum Items posted by or relating to this employee
  • Surveys created/taken by employee
  • Configuration Items associated to this employee
  • Employee Account Administration


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