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Filestorage FAQ

  • Filestorage error
  • Company base path variable
  • Filestorage doesn't find files / permission error
  • I want a custom folder structure for each project
  • File Storage component does not show up 


Filestorage error 

> I get an error when trying to upload/download a file

Please check the "intranet-filestorage" section in your Admin -> Parameters menu and see the PO-Filestorage-User-Guide for more details.

The ]project-open[ filestorage works by looking at an existing directory, there is no "magic". To your directory please login as "projop" (or whatever user that is running the ]project-open[ server daemon) and try to access the directory. You'll probably get a permission error at some point.


Company base path variable

> How to make "Company base path" variable point to another computer file storage?

The Filestorage module allows you to access the contents of a Windows or Linux file server via a web interface. The root of the Filestorage is defined in the "Admin" / "Parameters" section. The "PO-Configuration-Guide" contains a detailed explanation on how to integrate the ]project-open[ Filestorage into your file server.


Filestorage doesn't find files / permission error 

Please check if the filestorage pathes are correct in "Admin" -> "Parameters". Make sure that all files in the subdirectories have the same user and group as the AOLServer process. Please note that under Linux/Unix a daemon only has the rights for the specific user/group. Daemon process permissions are not affected if you add the daemon user to another group.


I want a custom folder structure for each project

> I would need a new folder called "reference" for every
> new project that I create

Starting with V3.2 ]project-open[ supports a concept called "user exits". These user exits are BASH or PERL routines that get called every time a certain action happens, such as the creation or deleting of a project, a user etc., so you could write your own code to create new subdirectories for every new project.

Please see the section "User Exits" in the PO-Configuration-Guide for more information.

File Storage component does not show up

This is usually a configuration issue. 

  • Check FS permissions at /intranet/admin/profiles 
  • Current permission setup requires membership in group 'Employees' in case a user is neither a 'Customer' nor a 'Freelancer'

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