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Financial Document Configuration

]project-open[ comes with generic pre-configured Financial Document templates. 

There are two options to use templates within ]po[:

  • Open Office Templates (.odt)
  • ADP Templates

Managing Templates

Templates can be up- and d­ownloaded from http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/templates/

Up- and download templates
To download an existing template, please go to right-click on the template name and choose "Save as" in your context menu to save it to your local machine.

If you have console access to the system, you can upload/download all templates directly. The template folder/directory is located at:

    • Linux - /web/projop/filestorage/templates
    • Windows - C:/ProjectOpen/filestorage/templates  

Changing an existing templates  

In order to adjust an exiting template to your particular needs and/or your Corporate Design please download the templates and edit them in an Editor that support the docuemnt format. 
When you are done save the changed template under a new name and upload them as described above.

                                                    Please note that templates need to be named as following: [name].[local].[suffix] 

Don't forget to add your new template in the ADMIN->CATEGORIES (Intranet Cost Template)   

Open-Office Template

Since version ]po[ supports Open Office templates. In order to open and edit Open Office documents with Microsoft Word you would need to install a free converter that is available here.

Please note: While it is perfectly fine to edit Open Office documents using MS Word, we highly recommend using Open Office to adjust the templates.   

If the OO templates are not part of your ]po[ distribution, you can download them here: English Template/Germ­an Template . After having them adapted, you can easily upload it to your ]po[ server as described above. Please make sure to delete the old template first before you upload a template with the same name.

Please consider the following guidelines when editing ODT templates.

  • Make sure OO/Libre Office does not add any format information to the placeholder labels.
    If placeholder is not being recognized, copy the label as a whole into a simple editor such as Notepad and re-insert it from there. By this you make sure that no format information is beeing copied over.

  • Avoid that a page breaks splits variables in two parts as seen below:


ADP Templates 

Adapting the template to reflect your company's business procedures requires some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and an HTML editor program (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, etc.).  After completing these steps, all financial document template forms in the system will reflect the changes you have made in this customization.

  1. You will need to design a template .adp form that will become the default template for invoices system-wide.  Or you could modify the default templates that come with ]project-open[ to reflect your company needs.

  2. There are a number of placeholder variables that are available when designing your template, that provide access from the template to useful finance information throughout the system.

  3. Create a new Category entry of type "Intranet Cost Template" to represent the new template so that the newly created template becomes available as an option in menus. Modifying categories is done through the Category Admin Menu.  The new category entry must have the same name as the template file in order for it to work successfully.  I.e. if the new template file name is "foobar.adp" the new category entry must be "foobar.adp"  


(Category admin screen with "Intranet Cost Template" selected)

Placeholders available 

Find the list of placeholders that can be used here.


There are a number of parameters that are of interest relating to invoices.  They can be found at the Parameters Admin Menu under the section "intranet-invoices".



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